Project Shyknight for Android



Help Eric to get all the gifts that Martina, his greedy loved one, wants.
Go though a lot of levels with style and difficulty like the ones of the 80s,
Platforms, horrible monsters, some less horrible but just as unfriendly monsters, spikes, hearts and treasures. Many treasures.
In Project Shyknight you will find the prettiest pixels of the universe.
Enjoy a platform game as before but now.

Project Shyknight is a platforms game simmilar to other games from the 80s. You must help our hero collecting all the items in a stage, avoiding funny monsters and other dangers.


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Project Shyknight v1.0 full released!


After more than two years of work, the development of Shyknight Project has come to an end.

The game has 15 levels with a very similar design and the difficulty we could find in the 80's.

This game has taken somewhat longer than planned due to many graphical changes and many changes in the code but I think the end result was worth it.

I hope that you, the players, meet in Project Shyknigh a fun time and enjoy playing as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

As usual, I leave some screenshots of the latest version. I also share a picture of the early development so you can see what was the initial idea for the game.

Please spread the word. Share this link so that more people can enjoy a completely free game.

If Project Shyknight reaches a good popularity surely create new levels and carrying the game to Android.

Thank you all for your support.



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Project Shyknight Demo available!


After a lot of work and long pauses in development, today, the first Project Shyknight's five levels demo is released


Download it, play ir and share it :)


The game control are the arrow keys to move and the [x] key to jump.



Download the demo for Windows (all required libraries are included)

Project Shyknight 5 levels Demo for Windows



Download the demo for Linux (libSDL, libSDL-image y libSDL-mixer 32bit versions must be installed in order to play)

Project Shyknight 5 levels Demo for Linux




Project shyKnight


Project shyKnight is the name of the new Dragontech game which began development at the end of 2011.

Currently in development, Project shyKnight is a platform game with multi-directional screen scroll, programmed in C language with the help of the SDL and openGL libraries for graphics and events management.

Eric, our hero, is in love with a somewhat greedy girl named Martina. She asks Eric to collect jewelry and gifts in an effort to demonstrate their love. You must help Eric gather what she asks of him, passing levels and avoiding the strangest of enemies. This game is a tribute to the games of the 80’s, incorporating the game style of the decade.

This game is still under development phase and is expected to release its first demo early in 2013.



For project updates visit indieDB


Project shyKnight

Dragon Memory

tl_files/dragontech/portfolio/games/Dragon Memory/dmIcon128.png

Dragon Memory is a memory game, similar to Martian Memory, with detailed graphics and multiple levels that increase gameplay difficulty. The game initially had fifteen levels and three graphic themes, but eventually they have evolved to focus on increasing game time and entertainment.

Development has taken longer than expected because, halfway through the programming process, the graphics engine was changed to openGL to improve performance and allow the use of effectors that would provide vivid graphics.Android Logo

Dragon Memory is the first Dragontech game which is available for use with Android devices.




Download Dragon Memory for Android


Slide Me tl_files/dragontech/brands/googlePlay.png

Download Dragon Memory for Windows

Dragon Memory v1.40 for Windows

Pachi el marciano

Pachi el marciano logo

It is a classic style game inspired by others of the 1980’s. It was developed by Santiago Radeff in 2002-2003. Graphics were drawn on paper by Nicholás Radeff and then digitized and colored on a computer. The music used in the game was composed by Peter Hajba (Skaven), member of the Finnish group Future Crew.

The object of the game is simple but not easy. Pachi has been shot down during his routine UFO patrol and will need to collect all of the scattered pieces, through various levels, to be able to return home.



Download Pachi el marciano for Windows

Pachi el marciano for windows

Martian Memory

Martian Memory logo

This mini game was created in just 3 days with the premise that children would have a good time playing it.

It’s a classic memory game, where the objective is to pick two equal cards from the board.

The game characters and elements are drawn from the Pachi the Martian universe and boasts striking visual and sound effects similar to those used in the demos/intros of the 1990’s.